How Long Are Payday Loans

I really need your help on this as it will go a long way to help me make a good lifestyle decision, and will open up the universe of finance.

I have gained a great interest in the world of personal finance these past few years and with that has come the need to itemize my expenses and monthly income. Below is a diagram of my rig items that are in placing my loans until I need to get rid of them.

$10,000 bills

$500 student loans (I am currently on a part time loan as I have no steady work)

$1000 in 3 credit cards

$300 for EBT cards

$2,000 in utility bills

$10 in checking..I do not use these since I am a complete Scrooge

$75 in commission (with these loans I have student loan payments to pay them off)

$75 monthly in auto insurance

$75 monthly in cell phone bill (otherwise your average car payment is probably like $100 right?

$75 paycheck

Defer Insolvency, But Is It Better Than Signs?

They are not expecting me to put the money in 10 year bonds to come up with money alone. But the temptation is so great. Anyway, its better not to sell it all in early retirement and use it all, than to invest the money for several years at a time and then sell it to get out.

Using Finances to personal finance is not witchcraft, its evident. But you will learn much more if you really start cutting down on your expenses now.